OK I’m back

Everyone needs a break. Keeping up with campaigns, responding to a ridiculous cease and desist order, creating cartoons, not to mention professional obligations – it wears on you. The weather has been beautiful – a great time to catch up on reading, enjoy hobbies, work out, relax.

The great weather provided an opportunity to shoot a music video on Plainfield with Mc Enigma of Negros Americanos yesterday at Cedarbrook Park and around downtown Plainfield. It features Boshia Rae-Jean and you’ll see it soon. Some images are below.

On average I post around four times per week, but it can go very rarely as low as two or as high as seven. These posts are almost always between 7 and 9AM. Regardless of my varying post frequency, you can sign up for Plainfield View, as many others already have, and get new posts in your email so you don’t have to check the site. The link should be on your right.

DSC08497 DSC08543

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