Recap of JG’s public embarassments; Cease and Desist backfire; plus more cartoons

The past seven months

It seems as if Jerry Green has been off recently. Your guess as to why is as good as mine. Perhaps it is the increasing strong challenges to his power. Maybe he’s just losing it. Whatever the case, there have been a surprising number of public incidents involving the Assemblyman over the past seven months.

First was the infamous foul mouthed tirade that I revealed on November 5, 2013, the short video of which is now replaced by its full version. After that election, the Assemblyman went underground for a while, one of his first appearances being the March Democratic City committee meeting where he made the fact that he unilaterally hand picks candidates as clear as one could possibly make it. A month later was the Liberty Village meeting where he disrespected Ruth Fellowship Ministries, public officials, and all of the residents who attended. Then there was bizarre behavior, like his awful, sexist phone call to Bernice Paglia just last week.

Embarassing Election antics

While Jerry Green is well known for his tabloid-like, unbelievable campaign mudslinging, it has been particularly disgusting this time around – almost as if he is regurgitating all of his vile at once. This type of behavior from someone in his position can cause insurmountable damage to our City. This year, Green notably convinced State Senator Steve Sweeney to join his act.

Green’s ridiculous lies, utter exaggerations, and statements of awfully poor taste show just how little he respects the people of Plainfield. He thinks that we will take his National Inquirer style political slime as truth. This is a primary. With particularly low turnouts, mailings should be aimed at bringing people to the polls. When registered voters see distasteful literature, it doesn’t make them rush to vote in his favor. It makes them not even want to get involved.

Hopefully this will make voters in the First, Second, and Third Wards want to defeat his handpicked candidates.

That cease and desist letter

Of course, Jerry Green added an exclamation point to his embarrassments when his lawyers sent cease and desist orders to both Councilwoman Rebecca Williams and I, claiming that we misquoted him. It seems that what the Assemblyman wanted to gain from such action was political capital, as he already sent out a negative mailing against the Councilwoman.

Unfortunately for Jerry Green, the benefits of achieving tenuous (at best) political gain should cost him a lot more. I released the full video, proved it had been authentic, and absolutely destroyed the credibility of both Green and his witness, Rickey P. Williams, signee of the bogus affidavit. The nearly forgotten video has over 1000 views and has become a larger issue than it had even been before.

All in all, Jerry Green himself has given his critics plenty of material since November – not to mention the material provided by his political underlings.


Pretty soon, Plainfield View will go back to being only moderately political. I have a solid backlog of human interest and community stories that I’m very excited to write. So you want to have just one more bout of political fun on the eve of election day? I thought you’d never ask.

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Jerry Green Plainfield Assemblyman


5 thoughts on “Recap of JG’s public embarassments; Cease and Desist backfire; plus more cartoons

  1. Please don” stop. This is the best entertainment I have had in many years. Looking forward to your other stories also, but these are a real treat.

    COLUMN E only.

  2. Too bad, Deborah, your mother couldn’t talk to more of the people in Plainfield. They see to enjoy being treated badly.

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