Jerry Jerry Jerry (political cartoons)

I’m still baffled by Jerry Green digging into the crates and making an issue out of his profanity laced tirade in November.

One thing you don’t do is accuse me of lying, Gerald. But don’t cease and desist from shooting yourself in the foot.

How about we have some fun.


Jerry Green lashes out at a confused Alice, claiming that she was a member of the Tea Party.


Jerry Green Rickey Williams
Assemblyman Jerry Green

Jerry Green video


Plainfield View

If Jerry Green wanted to promote Plainfield View, why didn’t he just buy me a billboard? Thanks for the increased page views and subscriptions, Gerald.


4 thoughts on “Jerry Jerry Jerry (political cartoons)

  1. You just get better!! I wish you would start a paper in Plainfield. I would love to contribute. Thank you, David. You are very talented.

  2. you just made my (and probably everyone else’s) day w this. Such a well written and ACCURATE account of all things Plainfield.

  3. Plainfield, as we head into the Tuesday Primary Elections, let’s try to summarize what has happened over the past two months.

    For the first time in years, we now have valid choices for each of the Ward elections. We can choose to remain the same and vote for the same party candidates that have been forced upon us in a non-democratic process or we can choose to vote for change and forward progress with candidates that have your very best interests at heart.

    Specifically in the First Ward, there are three candidates for City Council, and remember, they are ALL Democrats in a democratic primary election. We don’t need that entire name calling about who is the “real Democrat.” The first candidate is the ‘standard party candidate’ that is linked by family to the PMUA million dollar give away and alleged improper compensation benefits. Don’t you wish your company would give you a million tax dollars when you retire or quit?

    The second candidate is relatively new to Plainfield. He says he moved here a couple of years ago into the Monarch Apartment complex and became active in the tenant organization and was recently (January 2014) appointed to the Plainfield Planning Board. He has a financial background with PSEG. I don’t know him personally, but I believe he has an active future in Plainfield.

    I, Siddeeq W. El-Amin, Line F-7, am the third candidate for the First Ward City Council Seat. I have been civicly active in Plainfield since the mid-70’s, starting with the Plainfield Board of Education and its then Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Ron Lewis, after we moved to Plainfield in 1973. I was a football coach for the PHS 8th and 9th grade teams from 1978-1979, after which in 1980 I joined the Plainfield Police Division, retiring as Captain of Police after almost 30 years of unblemished service, with two years as Director of Public Affairs and Safety. My family has been continuously active in community service in Plainfield. We have always been registered Democrats, not undecided like one of the candidates. My full platform is available for review on my web pages at Can you find theirs? I haven’t.

    Plainfield voters, this election is not about party loyalty but about loyalty to Plainfield residents. Let’s begin to be “Loyal to Plainfield and Plainfield will be loyal to us” to update a candidate quote. Vote for continued change and progress. Vote for the candidates that will represent YOU and US, not them and party bosses. Elect Siddeeq W. El-Amin, Line F-7, for First Ward City Council. Let’s begin the change for a new vision for Plainfield!

  4. David, I did not know who you were until you started blogging. So happy you did. If you decide to run for ANY office in Plainfield you definitely have my vote. I am sure your readers will also support you. You are what Plainfield needs. Keep up the good work.

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