My response to Assemblyman Green’s Cease and Desist

Cease and Desist; Ricky Williams affidavit

Like Councilwoman Rebecca Williams, I, too have received a cease and desist letter from Jerry Green’s lawyer. I just posted it this morning. This matter has even made the Courrier News, here.

The attorney claims that the Assemblyman never said the words, “I run this mother” or “I run this” in the video in question, implying that the video may have been altered to voice these statements. I have already proven that this is 100% false. The original video clips are still on my computer time stamped to the moment of the altercation. I posted them yesterday, along with a screenshot of their location on my computer. These full resolution clips are now in the possession of Sergio Bichao of the Courrier News. If that’s not enough, there are corroborating witnesses who were at the scene. Rickey Williams was far from the only person around.

Because the video has been proven authentic, Rickey Williams’ statement that the video must have been altered as to make Mr. Green say the quotes in question is a lie. The retired fireman himself stood beside me, in my apartment, as I uploaded the clips from a camera phone onto my computer and then published the offensive comments of the Assemblyman to Youtube. He and I were not the only people in the room.

Rickey Williams saw the original footage. He knows, as you all do, that the quotes from of Assemblyman Green were not altered aside from shortening the video. If anything, making the video shorter spared the politician an expletive or two. Rickey certainly knows that Mr. Green indeed “used an expletive,” as Williams denies in item 8. He knows that nothing was “dubbed” as his affidavit misleadingly suggests.

In fact, while in my apartment, Williams insisted that any footage of him be cut, mentioning that he had a job with the state. I agreed, but on the basis that it made sense to show the Assemblyman, the only public figure on camera and the person demonstrating the worst behavior, by far. Rickey explained to me that Jerry Green had harassed a younger poll worker, and that he had to stand up for her. It is my understanding that he showed the video to at least a few others over the course of the day via his smartphone after I explained to him how to use it to access Plainfield View.

Ricky’s deal with Jerry Green

I know at least one person who was told directly by Mr. Williams about his deal with Jerry Green. Essentially, the deal that Williams sought was, you give me a state fire inspector job and I’ll sign your affidavit. This person was informed by Mr. Williams himself, on Sunday evening, after which I was alerted of the agreement. In fact, I have text messages on my phone mentioning Ricky’s sworn testimony dated 10:45PM, three days before Councilor Rebecca Williams received the first letter on Wednesday, May 28.

What they want removed from Plainfield View

Regardless, based on their false information about what Jerry Green actually said, the first item that this cease and desist order would like me to remove is the Vimeo video entitled “Political Boss Claims that he Runs Plainfield New Jersey” that I posted on my blog last fall.

I just removed this video for the mere fact that the cease and desist notice reminded me that it’s obsolete with the release of all the footage on Thursday night. I appreciate the heads up.

The final four items reference my favorite cartoon. It was created five months ago and posted on Plainfield View three times. This cartoon is a parody of the 1980s hip hop group RUN DMC, renamed RUN PLFD, with Green as its center member.

A lot of us see Jerry Green as the man who runs Plainfield, and his “I run this motherf*&$#@” quote last November only confirmed our political opinions. Many people in our community feel this way and have for years – decades even. You can’t silence Plainfield. Nonetheless, the Assemblyman’s lawyers would like to see this popular cartoon gone, as it contains the words “I Run this”.

My course of action

That being said, it may surprise you that I have decided to comply. I understand that my free speech is protected, and that – on top of that – I am in fact representing his feelings, his words, and how he behaves in Plainfield. I have the right to make political cartoons, let alone political cartoons that are based on actual occurrences.

My compliance has nothing to do with any wrongdoing on my part and everything to do with creativity. I welcome constraints, in fact, as they only serve as a gateway to creative output.

It’s true, Jerry Green’s tirade was almost seven full months ago. As a creator, I think it’s time to freshen it up a little bit. While I certainly have the right to, and while the video recording speaks for itself, I won’t mention the word “run” or “run this” anywhere concerning Mr. Green, so that there is no ambiguity as to the so-called “misquotes”. There’s too much new material for me to fight to use old Jerry-isms.


Mr. Green has been around for quite some time and has wielded tremendous power in our small city. His power is dwindling, as is his ability to produce quality candidates.

The above cartoon has replaced all of the previous versions both on this blog and on Facebook. The Vimeo video has been erased. I even removed “I Run This” from the body of the text, simply replacing it with Jerry Green. I am in 100% compliance with their letter – and guess what, it’s fresh, and still funny.

The disappointment of Rickey Williams

Regardless of his intent, Rickey Williams, someone who I have known my whole life, has flat out lied about me with total disregard to for my growing yet strong reputation in this community, where I was born and raised. Honestly, it’s as hurtful as it is shameful. I continue to be taken aback by the level at which people will ignore their morals for perks from the powerful.

Jerry Green also acted upon falsehoods. I don’t plan to sue anyone, though. Lawsuits are not my style.

Not a smart move

The original video came out on November 5, 2013. Because the elections were essentially over, because my earlier uploads were of lesser quality, and because I didn’t push the story hard at all, it never made the press. It died down rather quickly and was even met with some skepticism. I was on to new things and had no intent on ever releasing the full footage. I only referenced that video on the rare occasions where I re-posted that old, classic cartoon.

Then, Jerry Green, right before an election, decides to make it into a much bigger issue.

That, brothers and sisters, just isn’t too smart.

selfsaboEnjoy your weekend, Plainfielders, and – in the wake of this – look out for an uptick in political cartoons and memes in the near future.

4 thoughts on “My response to Assemblyman Green’s Cease and Desist

  1. Dear Jerry… thank you for being a weapon of your own demise… you are a perfect example of someone not knowing when to keep their big trap shut.. proof positive you don’t need a gun from one of your hood friends to shoot yourself in the foot.. what a half wit.

  2. oh … and something Ricky probably never thought of … The first rule of assassination ( real or political ).. is to kill the assassin .. Dug your own hole laying down with that dog, Ricky.

  3. He lied to me when he said he didn’t want to be perceived to be telling the soon-to-be Mapp administration what to do, or interfering in its decision making process. Then he turned to belittling all Mapp’s initial cabinet choices. When Deputy City Administrator for Economic Development Carlos Sanchez came into the picture, Green said Sanchez had done nothing in Elizabeth. When the Liberty Village PILOT agreement was hijacked by Green’s allies on the City Council, he suggested that the HUD document Sanchez held in his hand might not have been real. “Did you see it?” From before Mapp took office, Green has repeatedly tried to stab him in the back. Now ALL the recent political mailers that have gone out in support of his handpicked Council slate are filled with one lie after another. Green is an enemy of the people, his Council choices on Column A are enemies of the people, and he’s nothing but a pathological liar.

  4. David, you are priceless! I look forward to reading more of your comments, and I have told all my friends that your blog is a “must read”. Sorry for the situation with Ricky Williams – but maybe he wasn’t a friend after all.

    If you notice, Jerry Green says nothing about his picks for Plainfield, most of his comments are aimed at Mayor Mapp. Perhaps someone should tell Jerry that Mapp isn’t running for anything!

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