Proof that it absolutely was Jerry Green in the famed video

You may have come across the article in the Courier News this evening where it was revealed that Jerry Green says he did not utter the obscenities he was caught on video as having said.


Somehow during this whole re-opened Jerry Green fiasco, I was never contacted. I am the person who released the footage, and yes, I did edit it down that day to something shorter that focused on the Assemblyman, the only public figure on camera.

Months later, I still have the original camera phone videos sitting in a folder called “Jerry Tirade” on my computer. They are time stamped November 5, 2013, 7:58 AM and 7:59 AM. It pays to hold onto things.

Screen Shot 2014-05-29 at 11.49.49 PM

I have no idea why Ricky Williams would sign an affidavit, at the request of Mr. Green apparently, saying that the politician did not say the things he so clearly pronounced. Statements under oath are taken seriously.

I am even more clueless why Jerry Green would bring up a video that most of us have almost forgotten, right around election time. This video was old news. Be that as it may, this was Jerry Green on election day last November, in its entirety.

As the Plainfield City Council submits video of Mayor Mapp on PCTV to the ethics committee, they ought to also submit this, too.

Should any members of the media like to obtain the original files, I’d be happy to send them your way. Please email Youtube reduces quality somewhat, the originals are even clearer.

8 thoughts on “Proof that it absolutely was Jerry Green in the famed video

  1. Thank you David for posting the video and your forthrightness. Clearly Asm. Green uttered those words; how he can deny is astounding. Yes, it looks like Mr. Williams went ‘at him’, but Asm. Green’s response and reaction shows his true character. As for Mr. Williams and his “change of heart”, not a difficult guess ($) as to what might have prompted it.

    • Mr. Williams did go after the assemblyman, after Green called his deceased mother a b&)$@!

      The witnesses that I spoke to saw Mr. Green start it.

      Regardless, you are right. No politician should behave this way.

  2. The comment made by Jerry supporter that the video was doctored once again displays supreme ignorance on their part as to how technology works.

    Ricky Williams should be made to pay for his lie – my be is Jerry would not lift a finger to help him.

    Thank you, David. While I don’t always agree with you, I do respect you, which after all, is more important than being liked – don’t you think?

  3. A fact can be not be covered by a lie. That article confirms that we have an old gangsta politician and a job hungry retired fireman arguing who runs this Motherf!##@/ .Fact! How pathetic. With their integrity in the gutter and our residents being fed a lie—— Plainfield gets a sucker punch!

  4. JG ran him over, backed up, and ran over him again. Poor Ricky will never see what was promised in exchange for that “affidavit”. Disgusting. They have a lot in common. The typical JG set up. How does it feel under that bus Ricky? punks, liars, pimps.

  5. Just like a rat in a cage Jerry is running scared. Digging up his own skeleton–when the cage rattles the rats run–this video is 6 months old,—-the ink on the affidavit—-not even dry—– how does it feel to be so stupid—–Am I right or am I wrong—–At the end of the Day—oops I stepped in my own p–p

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