Why did they get Married?


Earlier this month, I questioned why the New Democrats were so closely allied with Jerry Green during primary and Board of Education elections over the course of the past two years. They already knew about Green first hand, but decided instead to act in opposition to a host of people in all sorts of races who challenged the Assemblyman over that two year time period. Perhaps most heinously, they actively fed him (embarrassing, awful) BOE candidates as if they were oblivious to their actions. They weren’t. You know it. I know it. Just read the entire piece.


Roses can’t even bear the Assemblyman. Original movie image here.

Unfortunately, my efforts at gaining insight into this unholy marriage were futile, as no good explanation was ever given. They never expressed any regret for their actions, even in the midst of their damning recent critiques of Green allies. Last year they were active Green allies, too.


Campaign literature for May 2013

Absent an honest discussion, I can only hope such strong collusion with detrimental powerful figures, Green or otherwise, does not happen in the New Democrats future.

As it’s election time, I guess hope will have to do.

5 thoughts on “Why did they get Married?

  1. Maybe one school board candidate, if that many. As for the rest of the ‘alliance’, Jerry has already admitted in his recent mailer that he was tied to Charlotte DeFilippo’s apron strings, and even she knew that the previous administration and its rustlers-in-waiting were a dismal failure.

    • I’d say more than one…

      Jerry may have been tied to his then-“boss” Charlotte (who also doesn’t have the best reputation). The New Dems were not.

      Rebecca Williams claims she eouldn’t run with Jerry’s slate this primary even if offered. Last year, for some, that wasn’t a problem.

      Like I said though – I’ll choose to be hopeful.

  2. As you know, politics is nothing but one big compromise. Working with Jerry was that. For better or worse, the New Dems (since the disagreement within the Democrats seem to always point to them) tried to unify the party by “getting along” if you will. They entered the compromise with eyes wide open knowing Jerry, but hoping that perhaps this time, there might be a true meeting of the minds and Plainfield would be first. And of course that did not happen.

    Here is a thought question for you – The new Dems are Democrats, and are not a political party, but a club that has different thoughts about how the government in Plainfield should be run. Liberty Village is a perfect example of the split. Jerry claimed he could have the PILOT extended, which of course he could not. The broader question is why would he want it extended knowing the deplorable conditions in which people were living? New Democrats were appalled at the delay tactics and pushed for quicker actions. You will note that it was Mayor Mapp who scheduled the pilot vote, and not those aligned with Jerry Green. The point here is – you have a faction who are Democrats and follow Jerry no matter what. You have a faction of Democrats who are opposed to how the RDO organization works in Plainfield and they want the government to be more ethical and transparent. How would you suggest bringing the factions together? Would you suggest they (New Dems) not ever
    try to work with Jerry? Would you suggest the New Dems give up and have Jerry’s influence on this city continue? Or, do you not see an issue?

    I love your blog, David. It is part of my morning routine.

  3. just as you have said ,that the new Democratcs are not a Political but somewhat of a [stray] party club the same is said about the Tea party they also are just a Club that just happen to be republicans the difference is the tea party don’t call themselves new republicans the new dems are a club full of bait and switch people [note] after they got what they wanted from the regular democratic party that was led by the assemblyman jerry green.to put them into office all of them they switched to become the new Dems [their club] BAIT AND SWITCH. [note] LIE TO GET WHAT YOU WANTED THEN CUT OFF THE HANDS THAT HELPED THEM TO GET IT. BAIT AND SWITCH PLEASE NOTE THAT THE TEA PARTY HAVE NEVER BEEN LIED THEY STARTED OUT AS THE TEA PARTY NO BAIT AND SWITCH [CLUB]

    • A little confused. If Michelle Bachman, the president of the Tea Party, won the primary, she would not have run on the Republican ticket? No sure of your point.

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