Goodnight Green

You can do the math. If the RDO fails to win one of the three City Council elections up for grabs in two weeks, Assemblyman Jerry Green loses his control of a majority of the City Council. Even if Green wins one Council seat, he will only have a 4-3 edge. With a host of challengers, it could be the beginning of “goodnight” to Mr. Green.


I always loved Goodnight Moon as a child (original book cover here).

7 thoughts on “Goodnight Green

  1. Let us pray for the end of Greens strong hold on Plainfield. Don’t forget to vote on 6/3/14 and let’s send Green a unmistakable message, his days of reign are numbered!

    Robin Bright

    • Swan–not Smith–confusing our Plainfield’s Emmett Swan with Dallas Cowboy football great! 😉



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