Contentious April City Council Meeting (PCTV video)

Most everything in last month’s City Council business meeting has been discussed at length online and elsewhere, and the main point of contention, Liberty Village, has been resolved.

Nonetheless, people who couldn’t make the meeting, and disgruntled people like me who left early (see my post that night) might want to see with their own eyes the late night fireworks between Councilors Rivers, Greaves, and Williams as they reacted to comments by residents Rasheed Abdul Haqq and Jeanette Criscione.

Perhaps fireworks isn’t the appropriate term – fireworks aren’t usually embarrassing.


The following clip is only of that extremely contentious part of the meeting, an excerpt I made of PCTV’s footage on Youtube.

You can find video of the entire meeting, as posted by PCTV, below.

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