Rush Holt Plainfield Town Hall (video)

There is only so much video that I could cut up and upload last night – and I wasn’t able to enhance audio, etc, in the interest of a timely upload. I will check tonight to see if there was anything else noteworthy, like the question posed to the Congressman about Muhlenberg (don’t hold your breath, he didn’t say much about it).

Former Mayor Sharon Robinson-Briggs presents Rush Holt with a pin

Holt must have never been to Plainfield before – he thought he could interrupt a John Prichards ballad

Rush Holt on Social Security #1

Rush Holt on Social Security #2

Rush Holt addressed Flor Gonzalez on Immigration

Rush Holt on so-called financial troubles of the USPS, and historic sites

Rush Holt on Unemployment


4 thoughts on “Rush Holt Plainfield Town Hall (video)

  1. Sadly, Jerry thought that this was more important than the people at Liberty Village retaining their home. But then again, Jerry wasn’t the focus of attention at the council meeting.

  2. Just wanted to say…keep up the good work David. I love your ability to be unbiased in your assessment of all things Plainfield.

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