Liberty Village Town Meeting full video now available

The videos that I posted yesterday morning are more than obsolete, as PCTV’s footage is now produced and on youtube. Not only will you see what all who attended saw, but there are interviews with councilors Williams, Rivers, and Taylor at the end.

Hint: For fellow attendees who want to see key moments again, it gets contentious shortly after 23:40.

One thought on “Liberty Village Town Meeting full video now available

  1. The Mapp administration seems to have made a full faith effort to construct a deal that will lead to significant improvements to the property and the quality of life of the tenants. The PILOT agreement itself is contingent on the buyer fulfilling its commitment to making these upgrades. The buyer has been managing Liberty Village since the middle of 2013, and it has been acknowledged that during this time the REAC scores have improved significantly. Years of Housing Authority management brought decay. The City of Plainfield was remiss in letting this happen, though the Housing Authority is a City agency whose commissioners are appointed by the City Council. Now roadblocks are being erected to halt the transaction, by forces that previously have done nothing to right the injustice of squalor. They want to see writing, they want escrow, they want a meeting to feign concern after months and years of sitting on their hands, and they want to play politics with the lives of residents, holding them hostage to their concerted effort to trip up the administration in any way possible, deny it any breathing space, bad-mouth it at every opportunity, disparage its hires, and basically destroy its future and by extension, ours, in the process.

    Maybe the Mapp Administration won’t succeed in bettering our lot or bringing about reforms in local government. Maybe it’s not competent, its stated agenda is too ambitious, or it doesn’t mean what it says. Maybe the Liberty Village buyer won’t stand by its commitments that earn it the PILOT. But that’s for the future to decide. In the present, however, it is clear that some will not even give it a chance. The same people who fight needed reforms at PMUA and who abuse their official positions for their own benefit are aligned against this transaction. The months wasted on Legal Shield might have been used to assess the needs of Liberty Village’s residents, but now the same people who brought us that monster, and who have fought accountability for years, are saying “wait a minute, see how much we care”. But they care about themselves and their positions of authority, no one else. They want to leave the door wide open for the vipers to do their business. Have no doubt about that.

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