Videos from tonight’s Liberty Village Town Meeting

I’ll leave the play by play to other blogs tonight. Bernice and Old Doc have already done summaries. I did manage to take some videos that can supplement what you read elsewhere. Be warned that I didn’t set up my tripod nor did stake out an idea filming location beforehand.

In this first clip, Jerry Green addresses Liberty Village right after declaring “I ain’t got all night to be here” while waiting his turn to speak. Upon being given the floor, Assemblyman Green shows hostility towards Deputy Administration in Charge of Economic Development Carlos Sanchez. Reverend Tracey Brown intervenes, calling Green disrespectful, and the Assemblyman continues his points.

The much maligned current owner of Liberty Village, who inherited the property from the deceased long-time owner, gives his side of the story. He places much of the blame for the state of the ninety units on the Housing Authority of Plainfield. Council President Rivers then offers a rebuttal.

Lastly, Councilors Taylor and Williams speak on Liberty Village before giving the floor to Betsy, a past manager of the complex.

One thought on “Videos from tonight’s Liberty Village Town Meeting

  1. I am confused by this. According to the first video, Jerry Green said he spoke with the old owner 6 months ago who said that Liberty Village was in bad shape. He claims he was disrespected because he wasn’t called about this ordinance? I ask why he didn’t make phone calls 6 months ago when he knew the people were living in sub-standard conditions? Why did he not call a meeting 6 months ago? Why did he not follow up?

    He knows about HUD – then why didn’t he do something about this 6 months ago? And, if this resolution was not on the table, would he be talking to the people in Liberty Village? My guess is no.

    The ones disrespected here are the residents of Liberty Village. And quite frankly, who cares about Jerry being disrespected. This is not about Jerry – it is about having our neighbors live in humane conditions.

    I hope the residents are not duped by Jerry.

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