The week in photos (3/28 – 4/4)

I ended up in and around quite a few interesting situations in the past week or so. Here they are, in photos.

DSC06946 - Version 2

Cornel West speaks at Bethany Baptist Church in Newark on Wednesday April 2nd

DSC06990 - Version 2

Two police officers observe the scene of an apparent hit and run at the corner of Watchung Avenue and Franklin Place on Friday evening (4/4), including the two sneakers of the man who was taken to the hospital

DSC06543 - Version 2

On Friday March 28th, from way up above in the Barclay’s Center, I saw my Cleveland Cavaliers’ winning streak end as they got trounced by the Brooklyn Nets.


I was nonetheless treated to the pink shoes of Dion Waiters

DSC06650 - Version 2

Yes, they have a barber shop in the Barclay’s Center. I wonder how much that costs! Speaking of which, I have found Chris the Barber – but that’s another story, literally.

DSC06672 - Version 2

I stumbled upon what seemed like a drug bust in Newark on Wednesday (4/2). Several cars were pulled over by undercover State Police and at least three people were being arrested. Note that everything is reversed as I took this photo through my side-view mirror.

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