Angels for Action ID cards to resume production today

Upon shutting down Angels for Action’s identification card program on January 31, Mayor Adrian Mapp explained to Plainfield View that a group of people had been “exploited through false hope and deception.” Mapp added, “the City has an obligation to protect it’s residents, especially the most vulnerable, from organized exploitation.”

Perhaps, at that point, the Mayor had been misinformed. After harsh words from the Mapp administration, there has recently been an about face concerning the Angels for Action program. According to the group, they will now be allowed to operate.

In fact, this evening at 5:00pm, Angels for Action will again begin producing its cards for $10, hoping to make a dent in its long waiting list while providing what director Carmen Salavarrieta considers a needed service to the community.

Plainfield View will feature much more information on this development on Sunday morning.

Update: I got this information about the resumption of identification cards late yesterday evening directly from Angels for Action. According to Mayor Mapp, there has been no about face. More information is forthcoming.

2 thoughts on “Angels for Action ID cards to resume production today

  1. Since they aren’t legal documents and no one is required to accept them…. Anybody interested in going in together and doing it also ? I figure we can charge $9 for the same “document” or rather… paper with picture… and still make some coin..

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