Negros Americanos documentary coming soon (with video preview)

Until the wee hours of this morning, I was in my living room with Plainfield’s hip hop duo Negros Americanos as they filmed a few portions of a soon to be released documentary, most likely to be called Lost in the Wilderness. The documentary, which you can expect to see in March, will feature a lot of footage from their year abroad in the barrios of Panama and travels to other countries in the area, as well as from around the city of Plainfield. I’ll let you know when it comes out, but here’s a bit of their banter about Plainfield from last night. This is raw footage – the audio, etc will be greatly enhanced for the final.

After that, how could you not want to see the rest?!

2 thoughts on “Negros Americanos documentary coming soon (with video preview)

  1. Reblogged this on Bishop's Travels and commented:
    So we did a documentary with about the story of Negros Americanos. It is an in depth look at our story, in a way that it has never been told or seen. We will take you on a visual journey -explain the conditions that prompted us to leave and move to Panama. Also show how we lived and the conditions we found there that enabled us to form the group through stuggle and trying situations. The Doc will be called “Lost in the wilderness” and what you see here is just a snippet….the enhanced audio hasn’t been added yet…The field footage also has not been added-but you can get a sense of what you may find with this doc! thanks for your time.

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