Snow Troubles

It’s counterintuitive for me to be annoyed by snow. I love snow. Snow is the only highlight of our gloomy, cold winters in this area that keep us cooped indoors. It’s beautiful, for one. It gives you an excuse to spend days, or at least evenings, relaxing inside. You can play in it. It provides for good photo opportunities. On top of that, as a renter, snow doesn’t equate to a lot of backbreaking work. I should be welcoming this wintry weather with open arms. The blog changes things.


A taxi is dug out from the first major snow of the year

Recently, I have been trying to blog five times per week, at least, and to not miss two days in a row. I’ve been moderately successful in sticking to this. I even keep a rough schedule for the next couple of weeks about what I’ll cover. This Monday was supposed to be the Council Agenda fixing session. Tuesday would have stemmed from that meeting. Wednesday was supposed to be Cornel West speaking at Bethany Baptist Church in Newark. Both of these events were rescheduled due to the weather, and I wasn’t prepared to cover the other subjects situated later on in my blogging plans, especially while balancing a full-time job.

Anyway. Snow. Good for everything except blogging and getting to work on time.

More this weekend?

Throughout Wednesday, the internet was abuzz with news of broad ranging snow predictions between three and thirty inches of snow. Fortunately, or unfortunately – depending on who you ask, that was just a hoax. The final snowfall will likely be measured in inches, not feet. In fact, as of this morning, the latest predictions show the snow as likely less than last Monday. For the first time, I think that’s a good thing – sort of.

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