Plainfield’s politcal camps; Stillman parking issue resolved

Plainfield’s political camps

There are several camps, or ways of thinking, regarding the fighting between both factions of the City Council.

First are those who believe that the regular Democrats are making it hard for Plainfield to get anything done. This group sides with the New Democrats – or at least want Mayor Mapp to be able to get his people appointed and his actions passed. Second are those who think that Mayor Mapp should not be given his wishes, and disagree with many of his appointments for various reasons. These people have a strong tendency to support Jerry Green, who has power over most of the Council and much more influence than the new mayor Mapp.



Everyone else grabs their popcorn and watches as yet another politician tries to work with Plainfield’s electoral godfather, setting themselves upon the same train tracks that have claimed the political lives of dozens over the past three decades. These people see compromises with the bosses of the Democratic Party as dealing a fatal blow to any chance of beginning to remove the massive albatross from around the neck of the City, which can only be done through persistence – through action, and forging new alliances in all corners of the city. These people know there are no easy ways to change.

Stillman School Issue resolved

Last week, Plainfield View covered the issue brought up by Stillman School teacher Tania Center at the end of Monday’s special meeting. According to City Administrator Rick Smiley, there will be no two hour parking – and presumably no meters. The school has been notified.

One thought on “Plainfield’s politcal camps; Stillman parking issue resolved

  1. We have a distinct inability to get to the specifics underlying some very important issues. Too often broad generalities pass for substance, making it easy for political winds to capsize efforts at finding and instituting solutions. Turf, power, and authority undermine us, prevent dialogue, and foul the air. It’s quite depressing when perceived loyalty trumps quality. Local politicians should heed the call to be straight with us. Get on the good foot! So much for my broad brush.

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