New Years Wishes

Usually, I consider the New Year the day when the clocks spring forward for daylight savings time. Long days, warmer weather, cycling and sports – those things, not the dead of winter – usually make me feel like it’s time for growth, change, moving forward – for “resolutions” if you will. Late April is for me what New Years is for most people.

But somehow, this time, New Years – the actual New Years on the calendar – feels meaningful. I have excitement in 2014 for myself personally and professionally, for the blog, and for the city.

Plainfield View in the New Year

This young blog was created almost four months ago, in September 2013, and things only get more exciting as time goes by. I am anxious for what the New Year will bring. One never knows the specifics of how things will shape out but the plan is for fresh innovations, more community engagement, and increased coverage.

New Mayor for Plainfield

Plainfield, too, will have a change of sorts – a new mayor. Adrian Mapp will begin his term with a series of events starting at noon today.

I will be covering the events today, and live blogging photos and video on Twitter ( or @plainfieldview) and posting photos on the Plainfield View facebook page to a lesser extent.

Plainfield Political Wishes for 2014

What I will be looking forward to is the beginnings of political change in the New Year – real, systematic change. I will be looking for people placing demands on all leadership, especially away from the ballot box. I will be looking for more involvement of new faces. I will be looking forward to new ideas, resurrected old ideas, and straight-up stolen ideas. These desires of mine are for the people, not the leaders – for it is ordinary people who make good things happen.

Of course, one can not only wish for positive outcomes. I will do what I can to contribute to these things that I hope to see. Let’s hope that 2014 is a year that we can all be proud of.

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