Mayor Mapp’s inauguration and feast photos

DSC01547 - Version 2


An inauguration crowd is as good as any for finding Plainfield notables

DSC01683 - Version 2

Adrian, Amerlia, & Shermona Mapp, Rev. Canon Leroy A. Lyons, and Freeholder Linda Carter sing the Black national anthem with Twanda Porterfield-Muslim

DSC01696 - Version 2

Plainfield Police Officers performed color guard honors

DSC01743 - Version 2


Councilors Reid, Greaves, and Williams observe

DSC01846 - Version 2

DSC01874 - Version 2

Councilman Storch watches, Lamar Mackson of PCTV films

DSC01914 - Version 2

Mayor Mapp takes the official oath of office


Live entertainment headlined the feast at Plainfield High School

DSC02134 - Version 2

Councilman Bill Reid is interviewed by Lamar Mackson

DSC02229 - Version 2

DSC02288 - Version 2

Mayor Mapp Shares a dance with attendees

DSC02304 - Version 2

Amelia Mapp dictates to PCTV

DSC02313 - Version 2

An ice sculpture served as centerpiece as attendees filled their plates

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