Several Saturday events; and no love for Councilor Bill Reid

Shiloh to host Jazz Event Saturday


New Democrats Toy Drive

Screen Shot 2013-12-18 at 8.26.26 PM

Start of Plainfield Basketball

The official, regular season start to Plainfield High School’s Boys Basketball season comes on the road this Saturday (12/21) at 1:00pm, against Central High School in Newark. Being a huge basketball fan who regularly attended PHS games in high school, I’ll be there to observe the occasion, but not before my discussion with a long time Plainfield boys basketball guru who will let Plainfield View in on his expectations this year. The girls basketball game will be in at Linden High School, same day, same time. Both teams will have home openers in January according to their schedules (boysgirls).

No Love for Bill Reid

In the last council agenda fixing session, for which only a dozen or so people showed up, First Ward Councilman Bill Reid interrupted the motion to adjourn the final meeting of 2013. Reid tried to make his statement before the motion was seconded but was not heard by Council President Rivers.

“I’d like to say that it’s been a pretty good year for us on this council. We worked hard,” interjected Reid, “Every vote was considered, debated from our heart, from our experience, and what we think is best.” At that point, Councilwoman and New Democrat President Rebecca Williams, who often looks disgruntled when Reid speaks, interrupted him, “we have a motion on the floor.” Reid continued to speak, adding a very brief thank you to the audience for coming out in the cold. Williams never heard the thank you, as she had already stormed out of the room and very briskly closed the door. Rivers, disturbed, called the move “very rude.”

The motto might be One Plainfield, but it seems that there ain’t no love for Bill Reid.

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