Where do YOU fall?

I am a huge fan of this political compass quiz, having taken it a few times since I found it back in 2009. You simply answer a bunch of questions on a sliding scale – it should take 5-10 minutes, though the quiz makers say 3-5.

how it works

In the past I’ve found this quiz to be extremely accurate for both myself and for those to whom I have given it. It places you on coordinates in this cartesian graph.

2012 presidential

Even better, you can compare your views to a host of international figures. To bring it closest to our comment perspective, above is a graph of the 2012 Presidential candidates, using their actual proposed policies and the way they vote. A graph is worth many, many words – but this political system is stifling this country, to put it mildly.

international figures

Here is an assembly of international figures, including Nelson Mandela – though I wonder if that is pre-1990 Mandela or post – or something in-between. Nonetheless, it’s interesting.

Where do I fall? I won’t bother to post the image of my chart but it’s somewhere in the green quadrant and very much to the left.

Take it yourself!

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