Wildlife in Plainfield & other updates


Just a few days ago, though, I bumped into some wild turkeys around the intersection of Cedarbrook Road and Prospect Avenue. Only armed with a camera phone, I came out of the car to look at one turkey when I then heard rustling in the trees above my head. Two more huge turkeys jumped out of the tree. They didn’t seem afraid, so I kept my distance.

I know that, aside from squirrels, crows, and such, we have deer, possums, foxes, and racoons – but I didn’t know about wild turkeys. I wonder what else I don’t know about.

Last night’s Zoning Board Meeting was cancelled, per chairman D. School Belin, so there’s nothing to report there.

Otherwise, the Jerry Green clip I posted on election day has been updated into a 14 second one of two separate recordings, containing spillover from the provocation with poll workers as Mr. Green got into his car. I will not make a new post, so if that interests you, please visit the old one.

2 thoughts on “Wildlife in Plainfield & other updates

  1. Nice pic’s-I think those may be turkey vultures. They eat mostly carrion. There are quite a few that can be seen in groups and individually drifting on currents over the city. Nice to see them close up-big is right!

  2. Those look to be black vultures — but we also have actual wild turkeys in Plainfield as well. In fact, we had a female with two chicks in our yard in Sleepy Hollow just a few months ago. We’ve seen quite a few other interesting species as well, including a great blue heron and a great egret that spent some time in the stream behind our house (joining the mallards and wood ducks that summer here every year). I’ll link you to some pics when I have a chance!

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