Victory and Defeat, the Experience of a Lifetime

I want to first thank everyone that helped with our campaign. Every voter, everyone who took a sign, every poll worker and volunteer, and all the people that passed the word on that we were running. This was always about a team that wanted to do right by the children and protect the Plainfield Public Schools, not about the individual races. So while I very narrowly lost, the rest of the team did win and I am happy that Wilma Campbell and Fred Moore will be able to continue the real progress that the board has made over the last few years.

Some people may not want to admit it, but the schools really are changing under the leadership of Wilma Campbell, who I applaud for her persistence and effort. It wasn’t even close – Plainfield has spoken resoundingly concerning who they trust with their children.

Personally, for me, this campaign was an amazing experience. I never thought that I’d ever run for any elected position, first of all. I never thought that I’d be in a debate, nor do as well as I did in the NAACP forum – it felt so natural. I never thought that I’d start a blog, which grew out of this campaign. I certainly never thought that I’d be having fun with Photoshop to illustrate peoples’ political alliances. Through it all, I really learned a lot about myself, and I’m so thankful for having gone through this exhausting yet rewarding experience.

And while the campaign has come to a close, the blog will continue like never before – don’t even worry about that.

All the best to Wilma Campbell, Frederick Moore, and Deborah Clarke.

2 thoughts on “Victory and Defeat, the Experience of a Lifetime

  1. Constructive criticism works better than criticism, but it’s ideas that will move the city and school district forward.

  2. It’s funny how I never once thought of you being defeated, but as you said, it was never about the individual, as much as it was about the team……I also learned alot from attending the panel discussions, Congratulations! to the team and I am looking forward to even greater things happening for our very talented students, as well as The Plainfield School System…..The campaign and your blog has had a positive impact on my thinking….I cant help believing that the best is yet to come for you,as well as sincere
    folks like you who are willing to invest in the future of our children by serving.




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