Zoning Board Meeting 9/4/13

Today’s brief zoning board meeting was defined by the board’s recognition of Christopher Awobue, who served many years on the planning board before resigning of June 5th, 2013. The resolution concerning Mr Awobue’s service, which was adopted unanimously, lauded his “progressive outlook” amongst other qualities. He was presented with a beautiful plaque amid a round of applause from the entire board.


Board member Melvin Codey decided to say a few words about Christopher Awobue, calling him “a great pleasure to work with” and citing his “rare insight and integrity”, strongly emphasizing his ability to “hold us accountable for our actions”. He was wished good luck before the meeting went into executive session.


The executive session, as it was explained to me, concerns the owner of C-Town filing a suit against the Planning Board due to one of their rulings. The session was then adjourned.

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